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Touch Screen Keyboard 7

Touch Screen Keyboard 7: Touch Screen Keyboard developed especially for touch screen devices Touch Screen Keyboard was developed especially for touch screen devices: touch screen monitors, stationary e-kiosks, tablets and others. Touch Screen Keyboard has two main layouts that can be quickly switched using a special button. If you touch a key on a screen, you will see a small tooltip window with the corresponding character in the area not covered with your finger. Windows 7 users will like the support of the multi-touch technology.

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Multi Touch Screen Screensaver 1.0

Multi-touch screen is a display which can detect the presence and location of a touch within the display area. Multi-touch (or multitouch) denotes a set of interaction techniques which allow computer users to control graphical applications with several fingers. Try the amazing screen saver for Multi Touch Screen From PQ Labs.Free download!

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Plexis POS 2.8.8.x: Point of Sale for Retail,  Grocery, Liquor, Coffee Shops, Restaurant and Pizza
Plexis POS 2.8.8.x

Touch Screen (Retail) POS Touch Screen (Food) POS Touch Screen (Coffee) POS Touch Screen (Pizza) POS Touch Screen (Grocery) Delivery Module Driver Module Double Checking and QA Module Customer Database Inventory Control Bar Code Printing G/L General Ledger A/R Accounts Receivable P/O Purchase Orders Zip / Postal Code Database Setup Module Diagnostics Hardware Supported: Receipt Printers Box Printers Pole Displays Cash Drawers Weight Scales Bar Code

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Dmouse 1.0.0: Dmouse allows easy switching of the left and right mouse buttons.
Dmouse 1.0.0

Dmouse v1.0.0 - The basic purpose of Dmouse is to easily swap the default left and right mouse buttons. A special "right click" function is useful for Touch Screen monitors. Uses: Left-handed and Right-handed people Touch Screen monitors

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FrontFace for Netbooks and Tablets 1.2.1: The Fresh, Intuitive User Interface for Netbooks, Tablet Computers and Home PCs
FrontFace for Netbooks and Tablets 1.2.1

Turn your Windows-based Netbook, Tablet PC or Home Computer into a lifestyle device that looks great and is easy to use for common tasks such as browsing the Web or launching applications! FrontFace extends the user interface of any Windows (XP,Vista or 7) computer while maintaining full compatibility to existing applications. It is optimized for both small screens with mouse/touch pad interaction (Netbooks) and touch screen devices (Tablet PCs)!

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TouchJams 10

TouchJams for Windows allows you to easily turn your Windows PC into a digital jukebox. TouchJams was designed specifically for use with a touch screen and your already existing music collection. TouchJams supports skins with many being available for download. Skins can be customized to fit any screen resolution. Large music library support is key with TouchJams. With test conditions of over 1,000,000 music titles, TouchJams is still very easy to

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Touch Commander 4.0: Lets you browse your Pocket PC Phone with a sweep of a finger across the screen.
Touch Commander 4.0

Touch Control driver turns all these into a breeze with its precise recognition of your touches. All basic settings of a Pocket PC are also but a touch away. The tool is fully customizable, and you can set up all menu elements anyway you like. Among other power features are Full Screen mode, animated transition effects between screens, and an ability to resize screen elements. The new version of the tool comes with improved design of Today Screen

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